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Walkway & Access Ladders

Height Safety

Walkway & Access Ladders

What are Walkway and Ladders Access Systems ? 

Walkway & Access Ladder Height Safety Systems provide safe access to roof top surfaces in order to access plant and or equipment over fall risk surfaces where Fall Protection is required. 

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Walkway & Access Ladders

When are Walkway and Access Ladders Required?

They are installed across elevated areas for safe access for gutter cleaning, rooftop plant equipment and other rooftop and or elevated height work requirements.  Together they can be used with Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Equipment to make a combined Height Safety Solution.

What are some components of Walkway or Access Ladder Systems? 

Systems and Solutions may include Hand Rails, Guard Rails, Ladders & Walkway Platforms. All play a crucial role and may be used together for compliant Fall Protection measures. See further below there uses. 

Walkway and Access Ladders

Hand Rails

Handrail is rail that provides a handhold on a platform, walkway, stairway or step ladder


Ladder Systems(types)

Angled Ladders | Step Ladders | Vertical Ladders | Roof Access Stairs

Fixed Ladders| Portable Ladders .

Each of the above Ladder Systems are unique and is dependent on the area where  access  is required. 

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Guard Rails

Guardrail is to provide edge protection at the edge of a floor,  platform or walkway. Guardrailing  shall consist of a top rail and a knee rail both parallel to the floor, walkway or platform. 

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Walkway systems provide workers with safe access paths when working at heights.  They are an  integral part of avoiding falls as they guide and control the movement of workers and restrict access to unsafe areas.

Who can install Walkway and Access Ladders ? 

We are Accredited Height Safety Installers who are experts in all your end to end Services & Solutions for your Walkway and Access Ladder Installations.  We can plan, inspect and audit your site to recommend and install the right Walkway and Ladder Access System/s for safe access to roof tops and working at heights.

All our Walkway and Access Ladders are Designed, Manufactured Tested and Installed in line with the following standards:

Note: This Standard sets out requirements for the design, selection, construction and installation of fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders that are intended to provide safe access to places used by operating, inspection, maintenance and servicing personnel.

We can also assist, assess and mitigate any height risks to ensure a complete Height Safety Solution Plan is in place.  Our Services also extend to the Design and Installation of Engineered Tailored Height Safety Solutions.

Servicing, Inspection, Maintenance, Ladders and Walkways Safety Testing is ongoing for the lifecycle of Height Safety Systems.   Our end to end servicing capabilities include Re-Certification, Testing and Tagging Services we can maintain your Walkway and Access Ladders compliance with the above standards

We travel anywhere in Australia, Remote as well as Rural to Plan, Design, Install and or Service your Walkway and Access Ladder Height Safety System.

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