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Roof Anchor Points  

What are Height Safety Roof Anchor Points ? 

Roof Anchor points are used mounted on roofs to mitigate the risk of fatal falls and serious injuries.   Because Roof anchor points are used for Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint, they are generally used with other safety equipment or Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like harnesses , lanyard or lifeline protection systems. 

What Surfaces can they be mounted on ?

Roof Anchors are available for multiple surfaces such as Concrete, Timber , and  Metal Surfaces.

Anchor 1

When are Roof Anchor Points required?

If you are working at heights at 2m or above and are near an edge, then the answer is yes.

Furthermore, you need to make sure the workplace is compliant under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 as well as having certified and tested Roof Anchor Point systems under Australian Standards. 


How many workers die from falls at heights? 

Falls from heights kill approximately 26 workers and injure another 7,700 each year in Australia. Many falls can be prevented with compliant Fall Prevention measures like certified Roof Anchor Points.

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Are there different types of Roof Anchors? 

Yes, the type is dependent on what surface the anchor is to be mounted, the intended purpose and the compatibility for Fall Arrest System connectivity such as a Lanyard, Static Line or for rope access. Call Us today so we can size the right Roof Anchor Point for 

Roof Anchor Points

Fall Arrest

What are Fall Arrest Anchor Points ?

These Anchor Points are used for Roof edge protection, gutter cleaning, rooftop equipment maintenance which "arrest"   a worker's fall that has already occurred, preventing impact at a lower level. 


Roof Anchor Points

Fall Arrest Rope Access Points

What are Rope Access Points? These Anchor Points are used with Height Safety Harnesses , Lanyards or Lifeline Protection Systems. They are generally used for roof edge protection, gutter cleaning, rooftop equipment maintenance, facade access, window cleaning/abseil use.

RX Plastics.jpg


As per Australian/ New Zealand Standards, AS1891.4 all anchor points must be inspected and certified by a competent and licensed person every 12 months. Dependent on the frequency they are used and environmental conditions, they should be inspected more regular.  

Who can install Anchor Points? 

Like Remote and Rural Safety, only competent accredited installers are able to install Roof Anchor Points.  We are accredited Anchor Point Installers for all your major Height Safety Suppliers such as 3M, Safya, Safety Link & BTS.  We can plan, design, install, inspect, test and re-certify your Anchor Points as per Australian Standards. Call your Height Safety Experts today, Remote and Rural Safety for all your Anchor Point Installation and Servicing needs.

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