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Height Safety Installations

Remote and Rural Safety are Accredited Installers for 3M, BTS, Safya Group & Safety Link. 

We specialise in Height Safety System Installations.  Furthermore we can Customise Engineered Safety Systems which include but not limited to. 

HLL = Horizontal Life line |VLL = Vertical Life Line   |Static Lines| Roof Anchor Points| Track systems both horizontal and vertical |Guard Rails | Handrails  | Walkways & Access Ladders| Platforms | Fixed Ladders | Davit systems  | Confined space entry and rescue systems |

Fall Protection

Fall Protection is where control measures are put in place to prevent the risk of a falls causing serious or fatal injuries while working at heights. Each environment is different and to reduce the likelihood of serious injury it is important in planning Fall Arrest Systems to mitigate further risks of injuries.

We install Quality, Safe Fall Protection Solutions and Edge Protection Systems such as Walkways, Access Ladders, Guard Rails, Platforms, Hand Rails and more which all are measures to prevent falls. 

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Fall Arrest

Fall Arrest Systems are control measures implemented for falls which occur.  However the system prevents the worker from falling to lower heights which prevent fatal injuries. These systems are generally used with Fall Restraint Systems which attach to the Fall Arrest Systems.

We install Quality, Safe Fall Arrest Solutions and Systems that include Roof Anchors, Static Lines (horizontal and Vertical Lines) and more


Fall Restraint

Used with Fall Arrest Systems, Fall Restraint Equipment attach themselves to Roof Anchors for instance where Rope Accesss is required a Safety Harness or Lanyard is used to attach themselves for operations such as repairs or window washing while working at heights.


Our Installation Planning and Design 

We work with Industry Specialist qualified in their field to collaborate and plan a Height Safety System that is Engineered & Installed to meet all Structural, Certifications, Regulations  & Codes for the building, roof or other applicable structures. 


We carefully identify and plan when designing the Safety Systems or Engineering Solutions, the areas of building or structure that will be accessed by the safety system.  It is also important during this process that we will identify any No-Go zones and will plan for the mitigation around these areas.

Installation of Fully Compliant Height Safety Systems

Continuity of Service is crucial for any business so any downtime can be costly. 

We only work with our reputable suppliers to ensure we maintain product quality and certified manufactured Height Safety Equipment and Systems. 

All out Safety Equipment Installations are tested and tagged prior to operational use. 

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