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Fall Arrest 

What is Fall Arrest? 

Fall arrest systems arrest the fall of a worker once it has already occurred.

Fall Arrest is this all we need? 

The answer to this is No.  Fall arrest is the least favourable in the hierachy of control, as it does not prevent the worker from falling .  Without other measures the risk of falling and injury is still a risk factor.

What are some main Fall Arrest Systems? 

Some Fall arrest systems are Anchor Points, Rails, & Harnesses which give the worker a flexible working environment for moving in different directions while working at Heights. 

What other control measures are there ? 

To minimise the the risk of falls and injuries other Fall Prevention systems should be utilised with Fall Arrest systems, where deemed practicable.  Guard Rails and Walkways provide edge protection and safe access paths in the aim to prevent falls.

How do we know what we need? 

Talk to your Fall Arrest and Fall Prevention experts today, Remote and Rural Safety. 

Our Accredited Engineers can provide a comprehensive audit and inspection of your workplace in order to design and install your certified Fall Prevention System around your working structures.

Prevention is better then cure, so ensure falls are prevented in the first instance and quality control measures are in place to satisfy Work Place & Safety regulations and engineered certified solutions.

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