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Previously trading as Skyhook Safety we have re-branded in 2020 as Remote & Rural Safety. We were and still are your  Number 1 Accredited Height Safety Installers & Height Safety Experts. 

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Remote & Rural Safety - Working at Heights

End to End Safety Solutions

With 40 years experience in Construction / Mining & Heavy industry we offer end to end delivery of Onsite Servicing & Solutions for all your working at Heights Safety Systems and equipment throughout Australia. We are Height Safety experts in identifying fall hazards, risk assessments and control measures when working at heights.

Accredited System Installers

We are accredited Height Safety Installers who specialise in  installations for all your Height Safety Equipment, Systems and Solutions.  We are the experts when working at heights for all your Fall Prevention, Fall Protection, Fall Arrest, Fall Restraint Solutions & Engineered Systems.

Industry Safety Experts

We are industry experts in Planning, Height Safety Installations, Inspection Testing & Tagging, Re-Certification for Height Safety Systems, & Fall Prevention Systems & Solutions.  We  service all of Australia including Remote & Rural areas. We prioritise Health & Safety when it comes to risk of falls.

Quality Solutions

If you need a Quality Safe Solution when working from heights with no compromise to safety, then we are the the company who will safely make it happen. From Anchor Points, Safe Access via Safety Ladders and Walkway systemsStatic Lines, Mobile Systems or Engineered Height Safety Systems we are your experts when working at heights.

Working at Heights Capabilities

Safety Planning 



​Engineered Solutions

Fall Protection Systems

Fall Restraint Sytems

Safety Certification

Testing & Tagging


Workplace Audits


Fall Protection

ABC's of Fall Protection

The important components of fall protection requires three vital components setup correctly & working together to provide the utmost safety protection when working at Heights. The 3 components are known as the ABC’s of fall protection, the anchorage connector, body support and connecting device make up the Fall Protection System.  These Systems are required when working at heights over 2metres.

It's not as simple as your ABC's

Height Safety can be quite complicated.  Many factors can come into play in assessing the correct solution for the Job:- 

  • Application and Environmental Conditions

  • Potential Fall Distance

  • System Component Compatibility

  • Product Quality and Australian Standards

  •  Inadequate inspection can easily lead to device failure.

​ Engineered Systems

Fall Protection Systems

Fall Restraint Sytems

We Customise Engineered Safety Systems which include but not limited to. 

HLL = Horizontal Life line |VLL = Vertical Life Line  | Anchor points both fall arrest and rope access | Track systems both horizontal and vertical |Guard Rails | Handrails  | Walkways | Platforms | Fixed Ladders | Davit systems  | Confined space entry and rescue systems |


Rail Systems

Rail Systems are ideal for navigating corners and changes of direction to provide  ease of use while operating with the rail.

Height Access Ladders & Walkway Systems

Access Ladders & Walkway Systems 

Access Ladders and Walkway Systems provide safe entry to roof top surfaces in order to access plant and or equipment over fall risk surfaces.


 Roof Anchor Points

Surface mounted Roof Anchor Points are used for working at heights where roof access is required. Anchors will arrest from any direction.


Mobile Systems

​Mobile Systems slide into position over equipment or other equipment being accessed, and provide ground-up fall protection for your elevated work activities.

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Engineered Fall Protection Systems

We provide assessment and installation of Engineered Fall Protection Systems to meet your working at height needs.  We provide a tailored engineered system suited to provide height safety in and around environments when working at heights.


Track Systems

Track Systems are used for Fall arrest and rope access on roofs and facades of buildings and other tall structures. They provide a versatile and safe anchoring system for working at heights.

Safety Equipment Certification

Height Safety Testing

Safety Equipment Re-Certifications

Safety Inspections

Workplace Audits


Workplace Audits

Need and independent Accredited Workplace Audit for working at heights Assessments, Risks , Issues, Mitigations & Safe Access recommendations and solutions? From Planning, Design, Installation, Certification, Testing & Tagging, we offer an end to end service.

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We provide Safety Equipment and Height Safety Testing & Tagging as well as Re-Certification in compliance with Australian Standards and regulatory testing and certification requirements.

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