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Height Safety Installation Experts

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Remote & Rural Safety are industry leaders in design, planning, Height Safety Installations, certifications, testing & tagging for all Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Systems & Solutions. Our Accredited Height Safety Installers are efficient in fall hazard identification, risk assessment and control measures..

If you want to minimise the risk of falls at height, serious injuries and or fatal falls, then we are the company you need.

Whether you need a simple anchor point, or a complete safety system, call us today to prevent serious injury or death in your workplace.

We are Accredited Installers who can perform work place audits to ensure your workplace is compliant.

We are qualified in re-certifying your Height Safety Systems as well as testing & tagging of all your Height Safety Equipment. 

Travel Remote Work Site
Travelling to a Remote Site to perform Height Safety Services

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1 Comment

Kate Brownell
Kate Brownell
May 24, 2021

I need a complete height safety inspection and installation system and I think I will need the help of your company. I want you to assess the risks, decide on the precautions required, record the significant findings and review the assessment as necessary. If there is any issue with the equipment then that also I would like to get reviewed and corrected as soon as possible. Thank you.

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